FPGA based Video

Image produced by any imaging system such as visible, SWIR, Thermal gets degraded due to shimmer present is image. Shimmer effect can be described as disturbance in image capturing due to variation in refractive index of atmosphere.

Atmospheric Shimmer : Physics-based Modeling

Impact of Shimmer

  • Variation in received distorted wave-front cause the image to be focused at different points in the focal plane of receiving optics.
  • Variation in the angle of arrival of a received optical wave front cause the stationary object to appear wavering.
  • Fluctuations in amplitude and therefore intensity causes scintillation
  • Diffraction with inhomogeneities causes spreading

Acclivis Solution

Acclivis has developed in-house FPGA based video enhancement solution. The solution has three components :

  • Shimmer removal
  • Imaging through fog, mist, haze & smoke
  • Imaging under low light conditions

Few Static Image Results