Driver Monitoring Solutions

Distractions of drivers while driving vehicles are quite common. Though distractions can be minor, but it can cause major accidents which may results in loss of property and life. Distractions could be outside or inside the vehicle. The major distraction now a days is talking on mobile phone while driving. Act of talking on phone occupies major portion of brain and the smaller part handles the driving skills. This division of brain hampers reaction time and ability of judgement. Other major reasons on the driver side could be drowsiness, fatigue and other distractions like smoking, talking to co-passengers sitting in the back of the car and so on.

Acclivis Driver Monitoring System

Acclivis engineers has designed a single camera based system that is efficient enough to recognize most common distractions of drivers and give them alerts in terms of audio commands/beeps. The purpose of this Driver Monitoring system is to alert the driver when signs of drowsiness or distraction are detected. Other applications for the system are also possible, such as driver identification and integration with car ECUs. These developments will contribute to heightened safety and more intuitive use of the new generation of driver assistance functions.