Vehicle Diagnostics Implementation

Client Overview

Taiwan Automotive Tier -1 supplier

Business Challenge

Acclivis Solution

  • Vehicle Diagnostic & real time services - 32-bit MCU running FreeRTOS
  • Interface & Protocol design for Application Host and Vehicle Diagnostics communication
  • Vehicle Ignition detection
  • Diagnostics Protocols: OBD II Protocol
  • Vehicle Interface: CAN 2.0/CAN SWC / CAN FD, K Line, CAP TP
  • Security features based on SHE (Secure hardware extension) compliance
  • Secure Boot, Secure FOTA, Secure Rollback, Secure
  • System Power Management: Multi-Sleep modes.
  • Accelerometers based algorithms: Tow detection, Tilt detection.
  • System Alerts: Ignition ON / OFF, Low battery, Tow event, Device Power events etc.

Acclivis Contribution

  • Requirements Traceability
  • Board bring-up & BSP development
  • Firmware design and development for,
  • Vehicle diagnostics communication protocols stacks over CAN 2.0 & K Line
  • Auto-detection of vehicle communication interface.
  • Device Security & Components Design and development
  • Device Power Management & Optimization
  • Testing: Unit, Functional & System level testing
  • Testing Automation

Tools and Technology

  • Firmware | NXP S32 Design Studio for ARM
  • Development board | S32K144 EVB boards for initial development
  • Testing | ECU Simulator for in-house testing & Python for test scripts
  • QA & Test Automation | Robot framework
  • Project Management Tools | Kanboard, Gitlab, Bitbucket

Client Benefit

  • The development and integration of the customized vehicle diagnostics solution from Acclivis, instead of the off the shelf solution, benefited the customer in reducing the overall cost for required volume
  • Complete control over the design enabled the customer to customize and scale the current design for future requirements.