Autoware AV Validation Toolkit

Autoware AV Validation Toolkit

Acclivis Autonomous Vehicle R&D team has developed a library for validation of the modules of Autoware AV stack.

Mission planning is one of the most critical pipelines of an autonomous system and developed product enables the capacity to test full autonomous stack's (Autoware) end-to-end accuracy by evaluating location and computing parametric matrices. This product has installable plugins for validation of various AV modules and generating metrics for the AV stack. The user needs to design scenarios for testing map and should run node as described in User guide. The plugin can be installed in Autoware.Auto. The plugin subscribes locations of AV vehicle in selected map, computes and publishes below validation parameters:

Published parameters in validation node:
1. goal_pos_achieved : Flag to declare goal post achieved or not
2. deviation_goal_post : Computed float value deviation from goal post in last frame of scenario run
3. scenario_succeeded: Flag to declare scenario success/failed

Subscribed parameters:
1. AV location per frame data: By subscribing (/localization/ndt_pose)
2. Goal position: By subscribing (/planning/goal_pose)
Please refer Installation guide for detailed instructions which is available with downloadable package.